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Domestic violence can have a devastating effect on the entire family. Living with years of abuse can cause severe trauma. With continued hope and assistance from professionals, families can start to heal and rebuild their lives.

The Counseling and Resource Center provides a variety of therapeutic counseling, pycho-education and supportive services. Assistance is available to men, women and children who have been impacted by domestic violence. Counseling is provided in English or Spanish.

Fees are based on a sliding scale to ensure that no one is turned away because of inability to pay.

For more information or to schedule an intake appointment at the Counseling and Resource Center, please call (949) 361-3775. Our offices are located in Ladera Ranch, click here for directions and other ways to contact us.

*Childcare is also available at certain hours.


Personal Empowerment Program (P.E.P)

(*Offered in English & Spanish) A 10-week psycho-educational group, open to new attendees with completion of a scheduled intake appointment. Groups are available for men or women. These groups are endorsed by the court and are extremely beneficial to anyone who has been victimized by violence.
The Personal Empowerment Program is a 10-week psychoeducational group aimed at increasing awareness of the emotional/physical dangers involved in domestic violence and abusive relationships in general. Each week focuses on educating participants on a particular aspect of abuse in relationships and, in addition, serves as a support group for other individuals in similar situations. The program addresses topics such as: domestic violence statistics, the cycle of violence, why women stay, boundaries, child abuse, warning signals/red flags, safety planning, and foundations of healthy relationships. The goals of PEP are to educate participants on domestic violence/abuse, increase awareness of individual roles in abusive dynamics, and learn tools to stop the cycle of violence in one's current relationship and/or family. The Personal Empowerment Program is offered at Laura's House Counseling and Resource Center as separate groups for women, men and Spanish-speaking individuals. Please call the Counseling & Resource Center at (949) 361-3775 for dates offered.

Individual Therapy

Beneficial alone or as an adjunct to our groups. Our talented therapists are either enrolled in a graduate degree program in psychology or have graduated and are in the process of obtaining licensure as Marriage and Family Therapists.
  • Counseling for Children - Offered individually, or with siblings, to assist children in coping with their experiences, and learn to express their feelings and emotions in a healthy, more adaptive manner. With the support of their own therapist, children can begin the healing process.

  • Couples Therapy - Assists couples in acquiring more adaptive and positive ways to relate to each other and improve the overall quality of their relationships. Couples are able to acquire coping skills and positive communication techniques necessary to avoid abusive interactions.

Group Therapy

The Counseling and Resource Center offers a multitude of groups designed to help individuals explore different topics as they relate to the effects of domestic violence. Group therapy is a valuable resource to promote self-awareness and build support from others who have had similar experiences.

For more detailed information regarding class schedules, start dates and times please contact Laura’s House at 949-361-3775

  • Addressing Anxiety Group - Devoted to education on the harmful effects of anxiety as well as opportunities to develop tools to combat stress in the mind and body. The experiential portion of this group aims to provide participants complete relaxation as one learns to soothe worries and fears.

  • Children's Group - The Children's Group is an open-ended, on-going, process-oriented group. Group content will contain a therapeutic art task, as well as verbal interaction. The Children's Group is limited to a smaller number of attendees to allow participants to process their experiences and emotions in a safe and welcoming milieu.

  • Co-Dependency Group - Join other women in learning to identify unhealthy behaviors, improve self esteem, and gain the skills to discover your true "self".

  • H.E.A.R.T. Strong - This group is tailored especially for teenagers to educate teens about what domestic violence/dating violence is, healthy dating relationships, boundaries, and self-esteem. It is co-ed ages 14-18 and participants can join at any time.

  • Parenting Classes - Classes are designed to teach effective parenting through understanding the parent-child relationship for those who have experienced domestic violence.

  • Restorative Art Group - The Restorative Art Group focuses on the necessary healing aspects of your growth in a safe, supportive environment. The group implements a creative approach in addressing difficult issues by utilizing structured art tasks and projects.

  • Dating After Abuse - How will I know if I'm ready to start dating? How can I avoid getting into another abusive relationship? Why do I seem to attract abusive partners? What can I do to find a healthy partner? ... And much, much more!

  • Healing is My Choice Group - Women's Sexual Abuse Survivor Support Group Topics include: Process emotions related to sexual abuse in a safe, supportive environment, Learn relaxation techniques and more. 12 week closed group

  • Self Esteem Group - An 8-week educational and interactive experience. Topics Include: Understand the basic tenets of self-esteem, learn techniques to help cultivate self-esteem, integrate practices of healthy self-esteem into your daily life and discover an internal sense of personal power.

  • Crossroads of Parenting through Divorce - Learn How To Stay Child focused While Minimizing Poor Choices Amidst Conflict and Loss. Topics Include: Conflict, Communication, and Competition (How Battles With Your Ex Affect Your Children), Children's Developmental Needs, Parenting Responsibly On Your Own, Taking Care of Yourself, So You Can Take Care of Your Children and Resolving Conflicts
  • Teen Group: An educational and interactive group for teens ages 14-17. The group will be open to both boys and girls.

      Sample Topics:
    • Develop self-esteem
    • Learn conflict resolution skills
    • Build healthy relationships
    • Manage stress
    • Understand abuse
    • Survive parental conflict

    Thursdays 4:00pm – 5:30pm Starting April 25th.


Teen Site

Teens can navigate to our Teen Page for information pertaining just to them at Laura's House Teen Site.

Rebuilding lives is an important and often difficult task.

It takes dedicated and experienced staff, outstanding support programs and time. Without intervention and education programs, victims of domestic violence find it extremely difficult to break the cycle of coercion and abuse that have become the norm in their lives.

Through the comprehensive domestic violence programs and services at Laura’s House, victims of domestic violence receive the time and the tools necessary to live healthy, independent, and violence-free lives.

By reducing risk factors and providing the information, education, life skills and support Laura’s House is able to break the cycle of domestic violence and empower victims to move beyond the abuse and live fulfilling lives.