Interested in Volunteering? Volunteer in 4 easy steps

1. Attend a Volunteer Orientation

General orientations are held twice a month at our Corporate Office, which cover all opportunities available. You can sign up for an orientation online: at

Resale Store specific orientations are held twice a month at the Resale Store in Lake Forest. If you are only interested in volunteering at the Resale Stores, you need only to attend the Resale Store Orientation.

2. Complete a Volunteer Application

An application can be completed at the orientation or downloaded here. Your information will be added to our database. You will receive our monthly Volunteer Connect email with current openings, upcoming events, and more!

3. Sign Up for the 40-Hour Training

If you would like to volunteer in a role that has direct client contact, the 40-Hour Training is MANDATORY. You can find out more here: Get Involved—State Certified Training.

4. Sign Up for a Position

All opportunities are posted on our website and announced monthly through emails. You can visit anytime to sign up open positions.


Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteer Opportunities Could Include:

  • Administrative Work
  • Events
  • Resale Store
  • Fundraising
  • Crisis Hotline
  • Case Management
  • House Coordination
  • Childcare


  • Volunteer positions are limited—completion of the Orientation and/or the 40-Hour Training does not guarantee a position.
  • Many of our positions require an initial interview with the program staff.
  • Fingerprinting is required for positions at one of our agency sites—Corporate Office, Emergency Shelter, Transitional Living Center, & Resale Store
  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to volunteer independently. Volunteers between the ages of 13 and 15 may volunteer with a parent.

Thank you for your interest in the Laura’s House Volunteer Program. Volunteers contributed over 11,400+ hours dedicated 2013! Your service helps maximize contributions and support made to Laura’s House, helping to increase our capacity—thank you!

For any questions concerning the Volunteer Program please contact Melanie Galloway, Development & Volunteer Coordinator,