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Capital Campaign

For 30 years, Laura‘s House has provided for the needs of those experiencing domestic violence. And through our Power of the Journey capital campaign, we are pursuing pathways to serve more people.


The Capital Campaign Committee

Wayne R. Pinnell, CPA – Co-Chair

Managing Partner
Haskell & White LLP

Cheryl Osborn – Co-Chair

CASCO Contractors, Inc.

Patty Bucklen

Community Volunteer

Sandra Hutchens* 2019-2020

Former, Sheriff Orange County

Laura Khouri

Western National Property Management

Rick Lutzky

Lutzky Associates Development, LP

Anne MacPherson

Joe MacPherson Foundation

Garett Sleichter

Rutan & Tucker LLP

Laura's House Staff

Margaret R. Bayston

CEO/Executive Director
Laura’s House

Andrea McCallister

Director of Development & Communications
Laura’s House

Chris Looney

Journey Campaign Consultant
CCS Fundraising

Elizabeth Eastin

Chief Development Officer
Laura’s House