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Donate a Vehicle

Center for Car Donations 10 years and 25,000 Cars

Donate a vehicle to Laura's House and when the vehicle sells you will get a donation receipt in the amount for which the vehicle sold.

Cars can be picked up all the way through December 31st to qualify for this year's tax deduction. Call our representative to see if your car qualifies. Call Center for Car Donations at (877) 411-3662 to set up a convenient pick up time (some same day and weekend appointments may be available). Tell them you would like the proceeds to go to Laura's House. That car, boat, truck or RV will be sold and turned into money that goes directly to our programs.

Center for Car Donations is owned and operated by Jacquie Elliott, she is available 6 days a week to answer your vehicle donation questions and staff will be available through December 31st to take your vehicle donation. Cars donated after the new year will be eligible for a tax deduction in the year that it was donated.

For more information or questions please call Center for Car Donations at (877) 411-3662 or visit their website at

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Donate Your Car - Proceeds benefit Laura's House

We encourage you to spread the word about this excellent program. Click on the images above to download the flyer.

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