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Are you a school aged kid or teen looking to give back and get involved? If you answered yes, welcome to the Laura's House Junior Friends Program. We have handpicked several ways for you to get involved and give back to your local community. These campaigns will directly impact a Laura's House family and change lives forever. How cool is that? Have another idea of how to help? GREAT! Let's hear it!

Kids collecting donations

Reasons to join the Laura's House Junior Friends Program:

  • Make an IMPACT in your local community!
  • Be a part of real CHANGE!
  • Provide much needed HOPE to families in need.



  • Looks great on your college application (even if you are 8 years old!)!
  • Complete 3 campaigns and earn Laura's House swag!
  • Be recognized for your charitable work - think Facebook, website and your picture (YES!)!
Get Started

or call 949-361-3775 x210

You Can Make a Difference - We Are Proud to Have You on Our Team!

Campaign Ideas

  • Birthday Bash: Skip the presents and donate funds or wish list items to Laura's House! Ask your friends and family to donate cash or needed items to Laura's House.
  • Collect Cell Phones for Survivors: Hold a cell phone drive and collect used cell phones to be donated to the Verizon HopeLine program.
  • Volunteer: Help run the show at the Laura's House Resale Store - a shop where we resell clothing, shoes, jewelry & accessories with all proceeds supporting our programs & services.
  • Hold a Fundraiser: Have an awesome idea for an event? Are you gathering your friends and family for a party? Why not make it a fundraiser and ask for a donation to attend with the proceeds benefiting Laura's House?
  • Host a H.E.A.R.T. Presentation for your Club or Group: Learn about healthy dating relationships and take part in this innovative interactive workshop hosted by our very own Prevention & Education Specialists.
  • Donate your Goods: Have clothes you don't wear anymore? Donate them to the Resale Store - encourage your friends and family to do the same.
  • Love is Art: Create handmade cards for our clients, sharing encouraging words and pictures and/or thank you cards for our donors recognizing their support.

or call 949-361-3775 x210