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About Laura's House

The inception of Laura's House was inspired by a true story about a woman called Laura who was a victim of domestic violence.

Since 1994, Laura's House has continued to grow and offer a multitude of programs and services which provide vital support and education aimed at avoiding such tragic circumstances from ever occurring again.

Laura's House provides unduplicated domestic violence-related services to the 915,000 residents of Orange County, California and beyond. Over the past 29 years, Laura's House has provided shelter and supportive services to more than 5,000 abused women, men and children and counseling, life skills education and legal advocacy to over 55,000 persons.

Today, Laura's House continues to be the only state-approved comprehensive domestic violence agency in South Orange County. Annually, Laura's House provides residential shelter services, transitional housing, counseling and workshops, and legal services to thousands of individuals. Over 3000 crisis calls come in each year on our 24/7 Crisis Hotline.

Our target population is families experiencing the effects of domestic violence in need of emergency shelter, support, education and counseling. Laura's House operates on the philosophy that domestic violence is multi-dimensional and often cyclical in nature and must be addressed through a range of interventions. Our goal is to provide supportive service programs that will prepare our clients and their children to live independent and violence free lives, with an emphasis on education and prevention for future generations.

Laura as a Child

Laura's Story

Unfortunately the end of her particular story is a very tragic one... her life was cut short with her untimely death at age 38.

In 1991, a few local women formed the South Orange County Domestic Violence Action Committee with the dream of building a shelter for battered women in South County. After being contacted by Laura's mother and hearing that Laura had nowhere to turn to for resources to help her, the women were committed to making their dreams become a reality. In 1994, local residents, including co-founders, Sandy Condello and Helen Kendall, called a town meeting and asked for the community to embrace their vision of Laura's House. There was an overwhelming response from the community with support and funding. It was then decided that the agency would be named in memory of Laura.

Annual Report

Our work will end when society is free of domestic violence. Visit OCCF Nonprofit Central and Guidestar for our most up to date Annual Report information.