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Transitional Housing Program

The Laura's House Transitional Program offers an extension of up to 6 months for those seeking housing after Emergency Shelter. Residents have the opportunity to continue to work their way to economic self-sufficiency and embrace their new lives free of violence.

Transitional Housing Program

The facility can accommodate between 5-7 families at one time. Residents are required to pay program fees, are responsible for purchasing their own food and toiletry items, and securing their own childcare. In return, residents are offered a more autonomous living situation; residents are required to seek employment, save a determined amount of money per week / month, explore permanent housing options, and receive individual therapy on a weekly basis. Case managers support residents in exploring future living needs and options.

The objective of the Transitional Program is to provide transitional housing to clients of Laura's House Emergency Shelter to extend the amount of time necessary in most cases for clients to work towards overall stability and goal-oriented planning in their lives. This includes financial stability, future-oriented stability (ie: securing job placement, enrollment in career education programs, etc) while residing in a safe environment. Minimally supportive services are provided while encouraging clients' self-empowerment and self-sufficiency.