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Mother and daughter embracing and smiling
Testimonials from Laura's House Survivors

Testimonials & Art Gallery

Taking the initial step to seek supportive services takes courage. We invite you to learn what some of our clients have gained from the supportive services that they have received here at Laura’s House.


Shelter Graduate

"When I came to Laura's House, I was scared, but I have grown as a person. I feel confident that I can accomplish anything."

Shelter Graduate

"Being at Laura's House really made me feel safe in the house and felt safe for my daughter and I was happy to be there and she was really happy to be there also."

girl behind flowers

Shelter Graduate

"The staff were honest and kind with me and my children. I thank all of them for their support. I will always take with me the good things I learned. I will continue to be strong. Thank you!"

Take An Inside Look

Kim’s Story - Her Journey in Healing and Empowerment

Laura's House Survivor

"When I first came here I felt like leaving, and I felt like everything was my fault. Here I learned to value myself and I learned that I was a worthy person, independent and with a lot of dreams. I learned that I am capable of having friendships and that I am kind. Without staying here I would have never thought that way. Here I had a family, you guys gave me love and friendship and everyday that goes by I will know that God put some angels in my path to protect me and teach me to always have my head up high. I will miss all of you and this house that protected me for 45 days. This place is full of love and dreams. Laura's House was my solution to get out. Here is where you guys gave so much love to Samantha and me. P.S. It's not every day that angels are found here on earth."

Therapeutic Preschool teacher

"One of the tools we use at circle time in our therapeutic preschool is an attitude ball. We toss the ball to each child and there will be something on the ball that they are asked to do. It may be something silly such as 'walk like a duck' or it may be tell a story with a happy ending. One of the saddest moments came when a six year old was given the ball and asked to tell a story with a happy ending. He looked me straight in the eye and said, 'I don't know any stories with happy endings'. About 2 weeks later we were playing the game again and again he was given the same question. He looked up at me and said 'Laura's House is a place where moms and kids live and have fun and go on field trips, its a happy place.' This brought tears to my eyes."

heart drawn on a foggy window

Laura's House Survivor

"Thank you for all of your help! This was a blessing in disguise. I am really happy to know there are people out there like you. I will keep in touch. I could use your prayers. I feel that I am a better person through all this. I will still recommend any body to Laura's House. It is an awesome program. I hope you guys get luckier and find some awesome people to fill up your program. Keep up the good work. People like me need people like you to help us through our struggles. I really look up to you so don't change."

Shelter Graduate

"While being here at Laura's House I was able to learn that this cycle can be broken and there is hope. My housing situation was of the utmost importance to me and Laura's House saw to it that I would not be on the street. Laura's House was a gift. Orange County's gift to DV survivors."

Shelter Graduate

"I wanted to gain a feeling of self-worth. I wanted to become independent from my abuser. I wanted to be honest and say what has really happened to me – Laura's House has helped me in fulfilling all of these goals."