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Laura's House encourages volunteer involvement and the development of community resources to enhance our programs and build closer ties with the community. In addition to providing support to clients and their families, volunteers help increase the knowledge and understanding of domestic violence our community. We love our Laura’s House Volunteers!

  • 347

    In 2020, Volunteers completed over 14,000 hours for Laura's House (14,279.62 total)

  • 5.6

    These hours provided are equivalent to 5.6 full-time equivalent employees.

  • $299,769

    According to the Independent Sector Value, the dollar value of these hours is $299,769.


Oportunidades Para Los Voluntarios

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the age requirements to volunteer at Laura’s House?

2. Can past Laura’s House clients volunteer?

3. Can I volunteer in a direct client service role?

4. What is the 40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocacy Training?

5. Do other agencies offer the 40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocacy Training and will you accept a certificate from another agency?

6. What types of volunteer positions are available if I complete the 40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocacy Training?

7. Would I be guaranteed a volunteer position if I complete the 40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocacy Training?

8. What is an example of the volunteer schedule for positions with direct client service?

9. What types of volunteer positions do not require the 40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocacy Training?

10. What are the requirements of the Resale Store Volunteers & Donation Center Volunteers?

11. Can I volunteer at the Resale Store and in a direct client service role?

12. What are the steps to getting started?

13. Are these the only positions available?

14. Does Laura’s House partner with Scouts to complete Eagle Scout Awards or Girl Scout Silver/Gold Awards?

15. What are examples of projects completed by scouts in the past?

16. Does Laura’s House accommodate group volunteer projects?

17. What can I do to help if I cannot volunteer in a role outlined here or in person at this time?

Certified Service Enterprise Seal

Laura’s House is a Certified Service Enterprise!

A Service Enterprise is an organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills across all levels of the organization to successfully deliver on its social mission.

  • Less than 15% of organizations nationwide can be characterized as Service Enterprises.
  • For every $1 an organization invests in effective volunteer engagement, they can expect $3-$6 in return.
  • This distinction was possible because of the dedicated family of volunteers at Laura's House - thank you!
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